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Follow our Trip to Sin City, as we take a dive in the "fishy" oceans ... + Special Feature: A Trip around the South Western USA

Wednesday, June 27

Kind of a Hijack

I am currently playing alot at Pokerheaven and I somehow intensified my contact to them and when I explained, that I have some friends who ´d like to have rake back, too they told me that I can offer that straight away ...

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Reasons why I love to play there

- very soft cash game
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- soft Multi Table Tournaments
- great customer service
- VIP Tournaments offer tremendous value (I normally play the Silver VIP won ... only 1 out of 10 qualified players show up - so you normally must only beat one real player to get into the money)

Join me at the tables - or better not ... take your own "soft" table

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Best on Boss!

Tuesday, November 7

Back home!

Hi All,

... we are back in real life! We arrived today ... both safely back in Austria ...

... not married and still money in our wallets!

It was really a great trip ... crazy Las Vegas plus a beautiful trip to some really great National Parks:
After seeing Grand, Bryce and Zion Canyon and given that Gernot hat still problems walking around we decided to also see Death Valley. It was really great walking on sand dunes and standing on a field of salt at 86 meters below sea level.

Back in Vegas I thought better not putting all efforts in trying to win money (and in the end loosing it) but also to take advantage of the warm weather and the beautiful pool at Ceasar's ... yeah ... we had around 25 °C while at home you were freezing and almost digging yourself out of the snow.

So, back in real life means ... (1) freezzzzzzzzzzzing and (2) of course back to work tomorrow (that's why we'll try to get some sleep in order not to be too jet-lagged tomorrow).


Best on Boss!

Leaving Las Vegas

Unfortunatley I did not make it into the show - but I got my 5 seconds on the Screens of FSN!
The show lasted for 4 hours, but it was interesting anyway (although the last 90 minutes were loooong).

But I had a good poker day anyway ... in the morning margret and me went to the Caesars Pokerroom to kill an hour and I won 80 bucks in the first two hands ... afterward I played very tight and managed to leave with 60 addititional bucks in my wallet.

Then the contestants drove to the Poker Dome location in the Freemont Street and after an hour of instructions I was allowed to leave ... I could not reach Margret so I visited Binions "Where it all belong" and amazingly won there, too ... I was up 70 Dollars after 20 minutes, but then I got a Cold Deck ... I left with 15 Dollars added, which was okay, especially as the athmosphere in Binions is great!!!

Then we were at the taping of the show ... and afterward we drove back, had one beer, played Roulette for 20 minutes (won $15) and went to bed ...

Monday morning I had to leave - Margret left in the afternoon, but my flight was already at noon ... A great trip was over ...

Best on Boss!

Sunday, November 5

Bad Beat

Hi all

Yesterday I got my 500$ in free chips and I played some tournaments, doing good but going out in the 2nd third of the tournament twice... Then I hit the Cash Game and was doing ok, until I hit a cold deck - just watching the others play and it was a table like Mike told us, we will encounter in Vegas ... People raising with nothing and huge pots ...

When I got decent cards again I had a go on the table and was back to my starting chips quite fast ... then I lost one huge pot on the river, but I did not care cause I knew this guy will lose that chips again ... which he did, not!

Three people in the game, I've got AK of clubs and the board comes 6,7,10 of clubs ... this guys start raising again and I check raise them on the river (some heart) - then the river comes 9 of clubs and I think great - one of this guys has hit a flush too and will bet it ... which he did ... After the betting he shows me 7 of hearts, 8 of clubs - a straight flush ... half my stack is gone!!!

A couple of minutes later ... I am in late position and got K,Q suited (diamonds) ... the board comes K of clubs, Queens of Clubs, Queen of hearts - full house, completed on the flop ...
This one guy bets it and I call him ... river comes ... 9 of clubs ... does not scare me - he has got his flush but I got my full house ... then something strange happens, this guy check raises me ... I think about it and decide that he cannot have a straight flush again - I put him on a flush or trips ... River comes trash and he bets again ... he tried to bet people out of pots before so I raise and am All in ...

We turn over the cards and he shows me J,10 clubs ... second straight flush in a couple of minutes ... I am beat! The dealer almost apologies for me and I call it a day ...

Afterwards Margret and me have some real nice dinner with the $100 in free meal vouchers (actually it costs $120, but we wanted to celebrate the trip) - afterwards we play some roulette and win some bucks ... but the bb still hurts.

I just come from breakfast with the other players and they all seem to be quite nice ... my last chance to come into the tourney is, if one of them misses the ride to the Dome at 12:15 ... won't happen ... but I'll qualify properly anyway ...


Best on Boss!

Friday, November 3

Viva las Vegas

Hi there

We are back in Vegas after a rather long trip on Wendesday and thursday ... We visited Zion National Park Wednesday morning and then decided to hit the road to California in the afternoon ... we slept at a Casino at the Stateline between Cal and Nevada (after a short stop in Vegas) and on thursday we visited Death Valley National Park which was very nice after cold, cold Utah.

Thursday evening we already were back in Vegas and had some nice Burger in the Mandalay Bay ... no gambling as we were to tired. Today we were shopping and now we are at Cesar Palace ... everything is as Mike told us: TV in bathroom, big rooms etc.

I think I will not play - so far they have not arranged a time for the TV interview, which means they won't need the alternate ... there is still hoping, but I guess I have to qualify properly next week.

Now Margret and me plan to go to Harrahs to play some poker (they have 2/4 there) ... whish us luck ...



Best on Boss!

Tuesday, October 31

Canyons ...

The last two days we spent at Grand Canyon ... very impressing ... especially sunrise and sunset ... today we are at bryce canyon ... even more impressing ... unbelievable!

Today we also saw the first snow of this winter ... it' really cold here

Best on Boss!

Alcohol and the US ...

We had a really great time at Grand Canyon ... more later ... and in the evening we wanted to have a beer ... a sign indicated that one has to show an ID if looking 30 or younger ...

Gernot got his beer without any problems and without showing his ID ...
I had to show my ID ... plus ... I had to sign that I was aware that it was illegal to change one's ID!!



Best on Boss!

Sunday, October 29

Williams, Arizona

Hi there

Time for some update ... Margret is just writing her views on the other computer in a small internet cafe in Williams, Arizona

Poker first ... Margret really managed to win some money- but not at the Mirage ... we played at the Bally's as Margret did not want to play 3/6 in the Mirage (we were there on our first afternoon and she played for an hour losing 6 Dollars) ... Margret won about 100 bucks there ...
I - was terrible ... did not win anything but lost some money ... I was running straights into Full houses, Trips into gutshot straights, and so on ... Terrible thing is, my play was okay ... but people bet there drawing hands, and my nuts on the turn lost after the river allmost every time ... We all know that this happens at Poker, but it does hurt ...

What hurts more is my left foot ... I do not know what happened but I thin I somehow itched a nerve and walking hurts since two days ...

at the moment we are in Williams Arizona - we came in on the old Route 66 and the landscape and the wideness of this country is overwhelming ... last night we were in a typical american bar with guys wearing Cowboy hats, western boots and Harley Davidson outfit and had some beers, which was really nice, especially as all the people are very, very friendly over here ...

Today we will head to Grand Canyon (one hour drive) where we will stay until tomorrow ... we are not sure what we will do afterwards, but I guess we'll drive north to Utah and visit Bryce Canyon

See you


Best on Boss!

Bye bye Vegas ... but only for a few days

So, we passed our first days in Vegas - which were quite profitable for me but not for Gernot ...

We followed Mike's advice and went to Mirage Poker Room where we wanted to play 2-4 limit hold'em ... but unforunately only 3-6 was offered ... so we tried to do this ... which was not the best idea as we both lost (at least my losses were only few dollars) ... there were quite good players at the table (different to what Mike forecasted) afterwards we spent some time shopping ... so that we get something back for spending our money ...

in the evening we gave poker another try ... we went from one casino to the other to find a place where it was possible to play 2-4 limit hold'em ... which was not easy but we finally succeeded and found some place in ballys ... but we had to wait for quite some time to get a seat ... Gernot was not patient enough to wait so he played again 3-6 limit hold'em ... which was again no good idea ... me playing 2-4 instead was a good idea ... this time I found the kinds of poker players described by Mike ... so I could triple my investment ...

But now we are having a break playing poker or doing other gambling ... yesterday we headed eastwards ... partly on famous route 66 ... at the moment we are in Williams ... a nice little town on route 66 with lots of funny but extremely nice and friendly americans ...

Within the next hour we will continue our trip which will lead us to the Grand Canyon ... really looking foreward to this ... hopefully Gernot's food will get better as we wanted to do some hiking down the canyon - he has had some problems during the last days.

That's it from my side at the moment ...

Best on Boss!

Friday, October 27

Day One - a long journey

Hi all

We are finally in Vegas, and just enjoying some pancakes near Stratosphere Tower ... it is great ...

The flight was very long, but I was on the lucky side, as United had 8 Movie Options and a small screen for everyone ... Margret had just one big screen!
I saw The Devil wears Prada + Cars + a feature film about the Championship in riddle solving (with Bill Clinton as special guest + a NY Yankee player)

The Saharas is nice - we even have got a balcony ... we were very tired yesterday, but had a look at the Poker Tables and were not too impressed by the play of the guests, but did not play... I woke up at 4:00 am and went back to the Casino, but no Poker was 0n, and I managed to blew 20 bucks at the Black Jack table ;-)

Now we are going to do some shopping and then move to our 2nd nite hotel ... then it is sightseeing and in the evening we will play some poker (because we promised mike to take down the Mirage)

By the way ... Stardust is history and will close on January 1st ... another big theme casino can be expected ...

More updates later ...

Best on Boss!